from our land and sea to your table

A Scandinavian fine food

producer that challenges your senses.

Produce that stays true to your soul,

handmade with love, shared amoungst

friends and honouring Mother Earth.


We believe that you eat with all of your senses. Hence, we have made it to our mission to bring you

exceptionally delicious and natural fine foods in a contemporary design.

Originating in Scandinavia, amidst friends who source the world for the sublime.

And the magnificent. As well as the exceptional.

We have a continuous, uncompromising commitment to genuine food, compelling design and art.

Our respect for traditions and craftsmanship lies upon a philosophy of staying true to land and sea.

When we say handmade, we mean handmade. Our artisan food is freshly prepared in small batches

by real hands. Made from natural ingredients, primarily organic - always and forever GMO-free.

Without artifice. No use of preservatives. No industrial processing.

truffle & our friends strongly believes in two things in life. Friendship is one of them.

Essential to our lives — an elongation of our family.

Friends come together for the best of times. Friends stick with you in the hardest of times. Friends are

there for sharing, caring and forever bearing you close to their hearts — as you will bear them close

to yours. We love our friends. The people behind this brand are all friends — and we love to indulge

ourselves. Together.

The second thing we believe in is love. Not very original, we must admit. But we are talking about

a very special kind of love. The love we have for this fantastic, organic, ecological, sophisticated,

yet wild produce. The black and white diamonds of the earth — the truffle. We simply love this quirky,

non-conformed little gem. With all its earthy elegance and deliciousness unparallel in fragrances and

flavours. Undoubtedly, the best thing to ever come out of Mother Earth’s garden. We love to indulge

in them and indulge in them we do. Sometimes every day and some days several times a day.

And we love to indulge in them with our friends.

You should join us. Invite your friends, let them invite you and share our produce when you get

together. On each and every occasion. Then you will know.

Love & our friends