Per Linden​

Founder & Chairman



Scadic Foods Asia have developed a three- pronged approach in regards to our distribution in China. Our initial channel when introducing a new product is premium retail stores and hypermarkets with about 400 direct supply stores. These stores often have exclusively imported prodcuts and a nationwide coverage in all major cities. Prices in these stores are relatively high but volumes are limited. 

These supermarkets are trend-setters and attract distributors and retailers from all over the country. By establishing a presence these, Scandic Foods Asia and its brands establish a solid reputaion in the industry. 

Our second channel is through our distributor network where we reach about 10,000 stores all over China through our 100 regional distibutors. 

Our third sales channel is through e-commerce. China has a well-established and ever expanding infastructure for e-commerce and Scandic Foods Asia has a presence on all the major online sales platforms. Our online team operate stores on several platform complemented by our own pick and pack operation. in addition many distributors operate their own online stores with our support. We aim to reach a 50% of our sales through e-commerce.

We are not targeting the 200,000+ local supermarkets as local production is a abasic requirement to be successful there. Our target customers are the roughly 100 million most wealthy Chinese consumers. And for the team here at Scandic Foods Asia this the most exciting market segments deleveloping in the world right now.