We who run the company are a creative bunch of lovely comrades and have previous experience with working with whiskey and other drinks. In addition to knowledge, we also have a burning interest in beverage production and a deep drive to build our company and our reputation, one bottle at a time. We are investing more in quality than quantity.

The company that started in 2014 has its domicile in the heart of the Värmlands forests, 10 km from the neighboring country in the west.

Welcome to follow us in our development Morgan, Ingmar, Gunnar, Mikael, Jens and Claes
Our everyday life is filled with a driving force with our own produced malt whiskey as a base offering exclusive and innovative drinking experiences to all private individuals and companies who want to experience the great extra in less craft-produced drinks battles.

We are very serious about drinking production, but we do this because we think it is so much fun and we have no exit strategy - just a deep drive to build our company and our reputation, a bottle at a time. We should be great when needed and small when required. We supply our products both to restaurants and the system company.